Bluetooth Car (eng)

A car driven by a mobile device.

How does it work?

Where to get parts? Which application to use?

1: the scheme

2: parts of the circuit (motors, controller, communication device, control unit and battery)

3: placement of electronic and mechanical parts in a common housing, chassis. Chassis parts design.

4: screws, adhesive tape, tools

5: software support, Arduino editor

6: software support for mobile application development, Android studio



Introduction to and use of the Arduino The Arduino is an open source community working on hardware and software development.We can say that both hardware and software help in building new segment automated devices such as 3D printers, projects based on various parts of information technology, etc.

Arduino software is used to generate code for every project made using any Arduino board; mainly uses the C / C ++ language for its encoding.

When the code is ready, we just need to compile it and load it on the board for our project to work.

There are many types of Arduino boards such as Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano, Arduino USB, etc. In this project we will use Dasduino board.


Bluetooth HC-05 is a Bluetooth module that is mostly used in the Bluetooth based project. It is easy to operate and can be easily configured with the Arduino.

It has two operating modes: Command mode and Data mode, as we can change these modes by just pressing the push button on the Bluetooth module. It has Six terminals. Two terminal are Vcc and GROUND for power purpose.

The other two are TXD and RXD, the transmitter and receiver; respectively, these are the terminals that send and receive signals from the Arduino board to control the device. The other two terminals are State and Key, which tells the state of the module that it is in command mode or data mode.


This module is made with an integrated circuit with a passive cooler built into it. It helps to release heat, because the motors put more strain on the whole system (high electric current).

Now this module is used to control the engines connected to the movement of the car; these motors operate according to the command requested by the controller to move or rotate in a particular direction.

4 motors are connected to it (two in parallel – OUT1, OUT2, OUT3 and OUT4). Battery voltage is also connected to this module. Note: the jumper needs to be moved to 12V.


Lithium-ion batteries have a very wide application (Laptop, Smart Phone, automatic devices, etc.).

The battery is housed in a standard 18650 case and has a capacity of 2900 mAh and a rated voltage of 3.85V.

The project uses two batteries, housed in a standard housing. They are connected in series and give a voltage of about 7.7V.


battery holder


The cables used to connect the components are standard and are made in three versions: male-male connector, female-female connector and male-female connector



Practical work

Arduino software interface

Appearance of the software support interface for Ardunino controllers.

It consists of a menu, a compiler activation tool, a module transfer tool, and a code printing workspace.

Each code consists of (at least) two structures (setup and loop). Within these structures, the attributes and commands required to execute the program are defined.

Note: inside the Help menu there is a submenu Reference where all the necessary actions and commands of this program editor are described.




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